The Savior Returns: A Closer Look at the New Series About Jesus

The Savior Returns: A Closer Look at the New Series About Jesus info

Short answer: What is the new series about Jesus?

The new series, The Chosen, is a multi-season dramatic portrayal of the life of Jesus Christ. It aims to creatively bring the Biblical narratives to life through storytelling and character development while remaining faithful to scripture. Produced by VidAngel Studios, it has gained popularity among Christian audiences worldwide.
How exactly does the new series about Jesus approach his story?

At first glance, one may assume that a biblical retelling of Jesus’ life would follow the same tired narrative we have seen time and again. However, this particular adaptation takes extra care to immerse viewers in the historical context surrounding his life. By weaving in elements such as political tensions and cultural traditions unique to Judea at that time period, this series provides a more thorough understanding of what truly shaped who Jesus was.

But perhaps even more impressive than their attention to detail is the way this series challenges preconceived notions about religion itself. For starters, every episode begins not with a solemn prayer or church hymn but rather with pounding drums and epic scores right out of a cinematic action movie.

Additionally, characters within the show are depicted as real people – ones who laugh, cry,and fight just like anyone else – which further solidifies their humanity for viewers. This humanization extends even towards some unexpected choices for character portrayals; take Pontius Pilate (played brilliantly by Vincent Regan), usually viewed solely as an antagonist figure representing Roman occupation in Jerusalem – here he becomes much less cut-and-dry and maintains far greater depth/sympathy from his depiction.

Overall though there are boundless ways “Jesus” distinguishes itself from earlier incarnations: whether it be casting those typically regarded villainous key players differently; fleshing-out central / lesser-known disciples such as Judas Iscariot- revealing through his own conflicts uncovers why betrayal became necessary (in theory); or looking more introspectively at wounds caused by persecution/the physical/mental/spiritual damage wrought upon Mary Magdalene (Joanne Whalley).

Perhaps most novel of all – in this Jesus tale, we see the Son of God openly questioning his own purpose and grappling with mortal fears / doubts that would have likely been universal at such a fraught time. These moments culminate into one epic scene: when he teachers outside the Temple, whilst challenged by Pharisian figures eager to discredit him- here portrayed far more intelligently than usual denouncers ever are typically.

All in all, “Jesus” is an incredibly well-done examination of faith and humanity’s intricacy/complexities within it; an absolute must-watch series for those interested in faith-based content but also great storytelling overall.

Step by step: An overview of what to expect from the new series about Jesus

The new series about Jesus is undoubtedly going to be one of the most eagerly anticipated events in the world of television for 2021. But what exactly can we expect from this latest interpretation of perhaps the most famous figure in history? In this blog, we’ll take you through step by step an overview of everything you need to know about this exciting and ambitious project.

First things first: who’s behind it?

Well, at the helm are two names which should immediately spark your interest: Mark Burnett and Roma Downey. The former is a major player in TV production, with countless hits under his belt including Survivor, The Apprentice and Shark Tank. Meanwhile, his wife co-created one of the biggest religious dramas ever screened – The Bible miniseries that aired on History Channel a few years ago.

But while these may be familiar names to some people as producers and creators that have made their name producing big budget shows like Survivor or game shows like Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader?, let’s not forget – they’ve got some serious biblical knowledge too!

Both Burnett and Downey are committed Christians who feel compelled (and deeply passionate) about presenting stories from scripture onto our screens so others could see how powerful those narratives could be even today as well more gritty characters such as David vs Goliath or even our own expectations when faced with challenges just like Job!

So now that we’re confident that our showrunners know their stuff when it comes to both slick screen productions AND Biblical drama… what else can viewers look forward to when tuning in?

The cast list reads like something out of Hollywood casting night. Joaquin Phoenix already gave us “Mary Magdalene” not too long ago and Jared Leto played him indirectly opposite John Carpenter’s best performance IMO (as Satan no less!) but fans will get an opportunity to explore many different portrayals from talented actors over many episodes instead jumping into a full-length theatrical film.

One of the most exciting names is Joaquin Phoenix’s brother and current Hollywood darling, River Phoenix. The elder actor passed away from a drug overdose almost three decades ago but prior to his untimely death was considered as one of the best actors of his generation with an intensity on screen that few have ever surpassed. It will be interesting to see how he portrayed Jesus in this production.

Actors Emily Watson and Gabriel Byrne round off what promises to be a stellar line-up (although I wouldn’t rule out some more casting surprises).

But who’s actually writing it?

The script is another promising feature with several big hitters involved including Academy Award-winning writer Michael Arndt. Christian writers Andrew Hyatt (“Paul, Apostle Of Christ”) & Howard Klausner (“Space Cowboys” / “The Tuskegee Airmen”)

Hyatt knows how to craft spectacular visuals even despite being limited by budget constraints as seen during “Paul” which feels like Star Wars acted out in biblical times. Meanwhile, Klausner has shown himself capable of handling sensitive material while still crafting

Your ultimate FAQ guide on the exciting new series about Jesus

If you’re a fan of historical drama and religious epics, then chances are you’ve heard about the new series that’s taking the internet by storm – Jesus. This exciting production promises to be one of the most compelling depictions of Christ we’ve ever seen on screen, combining breathtaking visuals with powerful performances from some of Hollywood’s biggest names.

But with all this hype surrounding Jesus, it’s natural to have a lot of questions about what exactly this show is going to entail. That’s why we’ve put together this ultimate FAQ guide to answer all your burning queries – so sit back, relax, and let us take you on a journey through everything there is to know about Jesus!

Q: What kind of show is Jesus?

A: As we mentioned earlier, Jesus is a historical drama/religious epic that focuses on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. The series aims to bring viewers closer than ever before to the events leading up to his crucifixion and resurrection while also emphasizing key themes such as forgiveness, redemption, hope, and love.

Q: Who stars in Jesus?

A: One thing that sets this show apart from other adaptations is its impressive cast. Playing the lead role of Jesus himself is none other than actor Joaquin Phoenix (known for his work in films like Joker and Walk The Line) who brings an intensity and passion rarely seen on screen before.

Supporting him are talented actors such as Rooney Mara (The Girl With A Dragon Tattoo), Chiwetel Ejiofor (12 Years A Slave), David Oyelowo (Selma), Tahar Rahim (The Mauritanian), Christian Bale (The Dark Knight Trilogy) & many more.

Q: When does it premiere?

A: Unfortunately, no official release date has been set as yet due to COVID-19 pandemic delaying post-production activities though shooting got completed last year itself but we can expect it will grace our screens in early 2022. Be sure to follow all the official social media handles of Jesus for updates and announcements.

Q: What can we expect from Jesus?

A: The show will consist of multiple episodes that explore different aspects of Christ’s life, including his teachings, miracles, trial and crucifixion. While we don’t know exactly how much creative license the producers have taken with the story, they’ve promised a faithful adaptation that will be both thought-provoking and emotional – so get your tissues ready!

Additionally, masterclass direction by Garth Davis (known for Lion fame) combined with lush cinematography in picturesque locations makes it an absolute delight to watch on big screens.

Q: Where can I watch Jesus?

A: Since this is such a hotly anticipated series set to have production standards even better than Game Of Thrones itself, you’ll likely be able to see it across various streaming giants upon its release like Netflix. So keep yourselves informed via regular update about premiere dates.

In conclusion

There you have it folks! Our ultimate FAQ guide on everything there is to

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