The Messiah on Netflix: A Compelling Portrayal of Jesus Christ

The Messiah on Netflix: A Compelling Portrayal of Jesus Christ info

**Short answer netflix show about jesus;:** “Messiah” is a Netflix show about a man who claims to be the second coming of Jesus and gains a following across the world. The thriller series explores themes of faith, geopolitics and modern-day society’s reaction to an enigmatic figure with incredible charisma and powers.

How to Watch the Netflix Show About Jesus: A Step by Step Guide

With all the buzz surrounding Hollywood’s latest sensation, “The Chosen,” it’s no surprise that viewers are flocking to streaming platforms in order to get a glimpse of this revolutionary new take on Jesus and his disciples. Netflix has recently added season one of “The Chosen” to their extensive library, but many people may be wondering how exactly they can go about watching it. Fear not – we’ve got you covered with our step-by-step guide for how to watch “The Chosen” on Netflix.

Step One: Sign Up or Log In

If you don’t already have a Netflix account, the first thing you’ll need to do is sign up for one. You can do this by visiting the Netflix website and clicking “Join free for a month.” From there, follow the prompts and choose your plan options (Netflix offers three tiers of subscriptions – Basic, Standard, and Premium). Once you’re signed up with an account, log in to Netflix using your email address and password.

Step Two: Search for ‘The Chosen’

Once you’re logged in to Netflix, type ‘The Chosen’ into the search bar at the top of the screen. This will bring up any available seasons or episodes related to the show. As of right now, only season one is available on Netflix.

Step Three: Start Watching!

Now that you’ve found “The Chosen,” click on it to start watching! Each episode runs anywhere from 30-50 minutes long depending on which specific installment it is within season one. Make sure you’ve grabbed some popcorn ahead of time because once those opening credits roll through that acclaimed trailer music starts pumping out — trust us when we say that it’ll hard not relax come binge-watch session.

Bonus Tips:

Here are some bonus tips & things worth mentioning as well:
– If subtitles make following along easier for whatever reasons reading enables better retention); simply hit captions/subtitles button while an episode is playing to enable them. There will be multiple languages options; just select the one you want.
– Make sure that your internet connection and Netflix subscription are both strong and up-to-date in order to avoid buffering or any other issues while you watch
– Remember to take breaks, stretch and hydrate before pressing “Play” on another episode :-).

In conclusion, watching “The Chosen” on Netflix couldn’t be easier with our step-by-step guide. So sit back, relax, immerse yourself in this captivating show about Jesus’ life & disciples through 8 episodes of season 1 available right now — all from the comfort of your own couch! Happy streaming!

Your FAQ answered – Everything You Need to Know about the Netflix Show About Jesus

The latest Netflix show that has got everyone talking is the controversial drama about Jesus called “Messiah”. The series has sparked debates and controversies among religious, skeptical, and curious individuals.

Here are some of the frequently asked questions (FAQ) answered surrounding this popular show:

1. What is “Messiah” all about?
“Messiah” tells the story of a mysterious Middle Eastern man who claims to be God’s messenger sent to deliver the world from darkness. He gains a following of followers across various parts of the world while his actions remain questionable as an unprecedented global reaction unfolds.

2. Is it based on true events?
While there have been similar accounts throughout history, “Messiah” remains purely fictional with no factual connection to biblical or historical texts according to official sources.

3. Why do people have mixed reactions/views towards it?
Religious groups worldwide believe that tackling such subject matter in film would lead to sacrilege and disrespect for believers’ faiths used for dramatic license, resulting in widespread objections by organizations ranging from Christian associations in Korea to Muslim leaders in Dubai.
However, others welcome thought-provoking content challenging fundamental truths about religion.

4. Who stars in Messiah?
The show features a diverse international cast led by Belgian actor Mehdi Dehbi portraying Al-Masih Worldwide alongside Trinidadian-British actress Michelle Monaghan playing CIA agent Eva Geller devotedly tracking his every move through several continents.

5. How many seasons can one expect?
Producers released just one season comprising ten episodes but opted not-to-renew due – partly – inadequate enthusiasm compared with other successful dramas despite being praised by critics globally alike raving how its rich storyline elicits high emotions.

6. Is it worth watching if you’re neither very religious nor too fond of utterly secular stuff altogether?
It certainly presents itself worthy viewing- given its controversy as well as irresistible depiction filled with intrigue offering constant cliff-hangers and other unexpected twists that will leave one hanging on the edge of their seat. Additionally, it raises intriguing questions about faith, loyalty, self-interest, ideals in a highly compelling way.

In conclusion, “Messiah” is a thought-provoking series worth watching if you are looking for riveting drama that ruminates and challenges viewer’s beliefs like few others have achieved before. While embracing our undeniable curiosity with cryptic scriptures as humanity searches for ultimate truth, this well-crafted dark tale may not necessarily meet everyone’s tastes or beliefs but still holds its ground firmly as one to watch.

The Making of the Netflix Show About Jesus: Behind the Scenes

For months now, audiences around the world have been eagerly awaiting “Messiah,” the new Netflix series that transports viewers into a world where a mysterious man has turned society upside-down. As this intriguing and complex series unfolds onscreen, it’s become clear just how much time, effort, and creative energy went into every aspect of its production.

So what goes into creating such an ambitious project? How did creators Michael Petroni (known for writing scripts for blockbuster films like “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader”) and Mark Burnett (behind such hits as “Survivor” and “Shark Tank”) bring their vision to life?

First off, they found themselves deep in research mode. Relying on decades worth of religious scholarship, they sought out experts with deep knowledge about the history surrounding Jesus Christ to create a plotline that was both engaging and thoughtful. Then there were overarching decisions about filming locations – would Jerusalem provide the right atmosphere, or should another location be used to stay true to history?

Once those foundational elements were set up everything from casting actors like Mehdi Dehbi who masterfully portrays Al-Masih/THE MESSIAH/, costume design – period-accurate clothing was produced by talented costume designers Ellen Mirjani & Anne Dawson-, cinematography and choosing brilliant production crew took priority.

One particular challenge existed above all others – bringing alive one pivotal moment -Al-Masih reveals himself at Temple Mount which had never been made feasible before given it’s delicacy. However with extensive adaptation,Petroni & Burnett employed their skilled Crews leveraging drone photography with green screens,special effects specialist’s assistance in post-production ,and skillful editing techniques help give us Al Masih coupled with awe-inspiring visual scale& lavish detail beyond expectation, making you feel like you are actually present at fight scenes,festivities ,pivotal crowds and every encounter within the series.

As interviews with cast & crew reveal, it was a collaborative effort by multiple experts across various fields coming together to bring this intricate tale to life. With months of preparation & mood-boarding ,shot-to-shot planning& meticulously orchestrated scenes backed up by advanced VFX techniques blending new-age sensibilities while retaining time-honored appeal for Christian faithfuls-without surreptitiously sounding like proselytization which is fundamental considering the volatile religious climate globally.

In conclusion,Messiah aims at developing a “what if” scenario instead of any claim to tell history thereby contemplating contemporary issues which are universal in nature through its well-written script established via comprehensive research executed with utmost care dedicating an array of talented professionals bursting skilful expertise;in this case creatives that love nothing more than bringing stories alive onscreen . It redefines storytelling offering us an opportunity introspectively ask ourselves tough questions thats reflective upon what’s happening around us now. Through this classic-vintage retelling is not just focused on Christianity but embedded messages have echoes from other faith

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