The Four Faces

The Four Faces is a Christian fantasy adventure story.


Why Fantasy Fiction as a Christian Author?

Question: Your genre specialty is fantasy? Why do you write fantasy adventures stories as a Christian author?

Retha’s answer:

The fantasy world of a good story fascinated me since childhood. I love quests and adventures.

My favorite book was, and still is, the Bible, God’s Word.

My first novel made me realize that the genre fantasy also belongs to God, actually everything belongs to Him.

I also realized how brilliantly this specific genre allows the Christian author to portray the wonderful reality of Jesus Christ and the kingdom of God.

The Four Faces

Back Cover Blurb

The king continued: “From this day forward we will refer to our four sons as The Four Faces. The future of the kingdom is in the hands of The Four Faces. It’s vital that they find the right answer. I don’t even want to think of the possibility that they could come back without the answer.”


Human, Lion, Ox, and Eagle are sent on a journey to find out what their purpose is. On their quest, they journey through interesting and wonderful places; they meet strangers, friends and foes; they are challenged with the unknown and with themselves. Will they succeed?


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Message from the Author


Retha Groenewald

Dear Reader,


I am a writer and an avid reader!


My parents read many stories to us as children, but I couldn’t get enough. So I began reading before I went to school.


The fantasy world of fiction captivated me. As an adult, fantasy is still my favorite genre. Thus no surprise that I write in the same genre..


There are wonderful Christian fantasy stories that contain strong biblical messages. My top three favorite authors are C.S. Lewis, Stephen Lawhead, J.R.R. Tolkien, Patrick W. Carr, Ted Dekker,…OK so that’s more than 3..and I also like…


The Four Faces is about Human, the crown prince, and his three friends, Lion, Ox and Eagle. They don’t understand what their purpose is. To me, their quest and journey in search of the answer, reflects our journey as Christians. We make mistakes, we have successes, we fall, we get up, and each day as our faith grows, our relationship with Jesus becomes stronger.


Enjoy reading The Four Faces. Don’t forget to chat to me about it!


P.S. The sequel, King’s Fold, is a work-in-progress.


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