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Christian Books
Christian Books


I love to write!

I trust you will enjoy reading these Christian books as much as I enjoyed writing them.

Everything I write is based on the Word of God.

Christian Fiction

It dawned on me when writing my first novel that the genre fantasy also belongs to God; actually everything belongs to Him.

The Four Faces


The Four Faces is a fantasy adventure story based on biblical principals. It is the first book in a series.


The question that changed their lives – “What is your purpose?”


They couldn’t answer the question. The king sent Human, his son, and the three friends, Lion, Ox and Eagle, on a quest to find the answer to this question.


Join them on their quest. Do they find the answer or will Human become king without a purpose?

Find out more and read the excerpt here.

Christian Non-Fiction


Dear Diary Devotional


Even mature Christians sometimes feel the toughness of the journey. You know the principles; you know what to do. But you’re tired…so tired…


Dear Diary Devotional was written in such a time. The eBook consists of 12 days. Each day is dedicated to a specific word with the relevant Bible passage.


What is it that God wants to reveal to you? Read more about Dear Diary Devotional here.



When you speak to successful published authors, there is one thing most have in common. They write every day. Some authors have a specific word count per day, others write for a certain amount of hours per day.

I’m still deciding what works best.

The Four Faces Series

King’s Fold, the second book in The Four Faces series, is work-in-progress. Human’s father tells the story of his journey in search of the Fold. Human grew up with his father’s counsel consisting of four. What happened to the fifth member?