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Accounts of angels appear throughout the Bible. The first time an angel of God is called by name is in Daniel 8:16. Angel Gabriel appeared to Daniel the prophet to give him the interpretation of his vision about a goat and a ram.

Two angels, excluding Lucifer, are mentioned by name in the Bible. These two angels are Gabriel and Michael. Both of these angels are identified in the Book of Daniel and then mentioned in the New Testament.


4 Visitations by Angel Gabriel

There are four accounts of visitations of Gabriel to three different people on earth. Two of these accounts were to Daniel (Daniel 8:16-19; 9:20-27). The other two accounts were when he visited

  • Zechariah, John the Baptist’s father, in the midst of his priestly duties in the Temple and
  • Mary, the virgin mother of Jesus, to tell her of the birth of the Messiah in Luke 1:26-28.


Gabriel means “strength of God” or “mighty one of God”.

  • He is the archangel who represents the ministry of the Holy Spirit.
  • He is always seen in association with Messianic prophecy.
  • He brought revelation, understanding, skill and interpretation to Daniel in the Old Testament.
  • He brought the same to Zechariah and Mary in the New Testament.


Michael means “who is like God” or “God-like”.

Michael, the archangel is associated with spiritual warfare as seen in Daniel 9, 12 and Revelation 12. In Daniel 9 he helped Gabriel overcome the prince of Persia and in Revelation 12 he leads the war against Satan. Michael appeared to Daniel in Daniel 10:21.

In Jude 9 Michael argued with the devil about the body of Moses.

It is Michael’s responsibility to protect Daniel’s people the nation Israel. There have been many attempts throughout the ages to eliminate them. It’s Michael’s responsibility to prevent that from happening.


These two angels work together like the Word and the Spirit work together. They do what God commands; they minister to believers, strengthening you to do God’s will.

There is spiritual warfare between good and evil. It’s the angels that fight against the demons; believers pray.

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