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Author: Dr. Richard Mull

Publisher: Light Force Publishing

Publishing Date: 2013

Pages: 1350

Format and ISBN:

  • God Speaks Bible – Hard Back Edition ISBN-978-0-9778666-4-9
  • God Speaks Bible – Imitation Leather ISBN-978-0-9778666-5-6
  • God Speaks Bible – Imitation Leather (Purple) ISBN-978-0-9778666-7-0
  • God Speaks Bible – Genuine Leather ISBN-978-09814923-2-2

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God Speaks Study Bible color-codes the different ways God speaks!

The God Speaks Study Bible is a powerful tool to equip yourself and others in the different ways God speaks. In 1901, Louis Klosph offered the readers a Bible where the words of Jesus Christ were printed in red.  This changed the way we read the Bible. When we read Jesus’ words in red, we read it differently, with an attentive knowing and confirmation that these are the words of our Lord Jesus Christ.

How much more if we could read all the words of God in such a way?

In 2013, Dr. Richard Mull made this possible through the God Speaks Study Bible. He used color coding to highlight every passage in the Bible where God speaks and when God spoke to a person. The color coding also demonstrates the different ways that God speaks in the Bible.


How Does The Color Coding Work?

God speaks to us in different ways. This is illustrated by the color coding of the God Speaks Bible:

  • Purple is used when God speaks directly in the First Person. The Bible begins with the words of God the Father. The Old Testament is filled with His words.
  • Green is used when a passage is talking about God speaking.
  • Brown is used when man is speaking on God’s behalf in the Third Person.
  • Blue is used when Angels are speaking on God’s behalf. God also speaks through dreams and visions. Daniel, Joseph, the prophets are all examples of people who heard God through dreams and / or visions.
  • Gold is used for every miracle and act of God in Scripture.
  • Jesus Christ’s words in the New Testament are written in red.


Who God Speaks To

We don’t always realize it but God speaks to us on a regular basis and in different ways. When you read the Bible, you see that God speaks to all of us from a king, a prophet, to ordinary men such as a shepherd or a baker.

In the God Speaks Bible, there is a section at the beginning of each book of the Bible. This section is dedicated to all the people God had spoken to in that specific Bible book and the specific Scripture reference. In Genesis, for example, God spoke to 26 different people.

Changing Statistics

Statistics show that 10% of people have never heard God speak. Over 50% church attenders say they have never heard God speak to them and 25% say they heard God speak once or at most a few times in their lives. (God Speaks Study Bible video)

Can the God Speaks Study Bible change these statistics?
The God Speaks Study Bible is first and foremost the Word of God. It is also an excellent tool to create that awareness in us that God speaks to us. This is the uniqueness of the God Speaks Study Bible. When you open the God Speaks Study Bible, you can see instantaneously when, where, and how God is speaking.  The color coding demonstrates to us the different ways God speaks to us. It enhances the fact that God speaks to everyone.

God Speaks Bible page imageDr. Richard Mull shared that when he began studying the different ways God spoke to us, there were so many passages in the Bible where God spoke, that it was easier to color code these passages in the Bible than to copy these passages.

God is still speaking to us today. We only need to become aware and then live in the expectancy to hear Him.

This is the purpose of the God Speaks Bible, “To equip the world to hear God’s voice.”

Take The Bible With You

God Speaks Bible resourcesThe availability of the God Speaks Bible in multiple platforms is time saver and user-friendly. The printed format is ideal for reading at your desk or table or sitting in your favourite chair. The printed format is available in hardcover, leather like, and genuine leather but not in paperback.

If your preference is to read your Bible on a tablet, the digital format of God Speaks Bible can be purchased from your favourite suppliers such as (but not limited to) Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Your new God Speaks Bible fits in your pocket on your smartphone (iPhone or Android formats), making it easily available on the spur of the moment.


Translation Availability

The initial printed edition of the God Speaks Study Bible was launched in the New King James Version (KNJV) and the New International Version (NIV). There are plans in the near future to make the God Speaks Study Bible available in other translations, the King James Version (KJ), the English Standard Version (ESV), and the New Living Translation (NLT).

The digital format, however, is available locally and internationally in your favourite version.

The God Speaks Study Bible is not another translation but an enhancement with colorizing. Therefore, it is much quicker and easier to publish the Bible in different translations and languages, than a new Bible translation would have been.



  • I can instantly see when God is speaking.
  • Different colors demonstrates at a glance the different ways God speaks:
  • God Himself is speaking
  • About what God said
  • Messengers, or dreams, or visions
  • Jesus Christ’s words
  • Miracles and acts of God
  • Speaking on God’s behalf
    • The section at the beginning of each book gives a list of the different people God speaks to.
    • It confirms to me that God speaks to all of us.
    • It awakens the desire to hear God’s voice more often.
    • It is a resourceful and equipping tool to use for Bible Study.
    • Easy availability in different formats, making it easy to have the Bible with you at all times.
    • Flexibility of different editions.
    • It allows me to read the Bible in the translation I prefer.

I recommend the God Speaks Study Bible to all believers, to all of us, who want to hear God’s voice in all the different ways He speaks to us.


About General Editor Dr. Richard Mull

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Dr. Richard Mull, founder and president of Operation Light Force, has ministered across the United States and in 26 nations worldwide. He holds a M.Div. and two Doctorates and has over 25 years of ministry experience. He has written over15 books and manuals. He is happily married with 4 amazing children.

Operation Light Force’s vision is to equip men and women, old and young, to think, act and be like Jesus for their entire lives.


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  1. Kathy Hadley says:

    I’m sure that for those who want to study the Bible this would be very helpful.



    Visiting from UBC

  2. Jenny says:

    Hello Retha,

    I somehow misunderstood this post before as something other than a review. I apologise. I find the idea of the colour coding a fascinating one, although that may just be my penchant for organising :)

    I do not read the Bible, but through my own spiritual journey I have learned to look for God in everything and everyone.

    Thank you for your post.

    • Retha Groenewald says:

      Hi Jenny, thanks for stopping by. I love the color coding as well. It makes it easy to see the different ways God speaks in the Bible. You see it at a glance. Yes, I know what you mean, love it when things are organized.

  3. Arleen says:

    What a smart ides to color code. The Bible is such an important tool but we can get lost in it Itis almost like you using a highlighter.

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