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The Four Faces has received its first review on Amazon.

The Four Faces speaks to the heart of the reader. Based on Biblical principles, it may be read and reread at different stages of life, conveying a different message every time. At no point does the outcome of the tale become predictable, thus causing the attention of the reader to be bound through to the final page.

The multifaceted nature of this novel grips and delights the reader as the interweaving of the plot becomes clear.

The Four Faces is a most original and inspired debut novel from Retha Groenewald. She has proved herself to be a skillful storyteller.

Ronel Steyn

Book Reviewer

I love reading and I review books on my blogs at Bible Fascination and Discover Bible Treasures.

I have had very positive feedback from authors, but I never realized how much it meant…until I became an author.



As an author: [label type="label" style="success" title="THANK YOU REVIEWERS"]

Thank you Ronel Steyn for writing an honest and beautiful review. I couldn’t have summarized The Four Faces any better.

For all the book reviewers – thank you for reading books and giving your honest reviews.



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Retha Groenewald

Retha Groenewald is passionate about the Bible, Christian, author, blogger and avid reader. She has degrees in nutrition, business, law, and theology. She is a member of Eureka in Durbanville. She lives in Western Cape, in beautiful South Africa.

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