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The Four Faces on background

The Four Faces is a Christian fantasy adventure story.   Why Fantasy Fiction as a Christian Author? Question: Your genre specialty is fantasy? Why do you write fantasy adventures stories as a Christian author? Retha’s answer: The fantasy world of a good story fascinated me since childhood. I love quests […]

Send me your suggestions, questions, comments, or contact me for my writing services. Participate, your input is valuable to me and I will reply to your message.   Reasons To Contact Me Contact me: Question: You have a question you would like to ask me Read: You want to read and review […]

Bible Fascination describes the way I feel about the Word of God. Yes, I’m fascinated with it, aren’t you? Every time you open your Bible and read a passage or specific Bible verse, it is a message from the Lord. John 1:1-3 tells us that Jesus is the Word. In […]

Christian Books

  I love to write! I trust you will enjoy reading these Christian books as much as I enjoyed writing them. Everything I write is based on the Word of God. Christian Fiction It dawned on me when writing my first novel that the genre fantasy also belongs to God; […]

I love what I do! I am a Christian freelance writer and published author. My writing journey began in June 2012 with a blog. My degrees in various disciplines (nutrition, law, commerce, and theology) and work experience add a unique richness to my writings. Include my life experience, and you have […]


Reading the Gospel in Chronological order Do you read a verse in the Bible and think ‘wow!’ ‘awesome’? I wish I had more time to spend on these verses? If so, join me on this journey of reading the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John) in chronological order. We have begun […]