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Writing that Breathes Life



As a Christian author and writer, every word, every sentence, every paragraph is written for, and about Jesus Christ, Lord and Savior.

Called to write, Retha Groenewald walked a long, eventful journey before God released her as author and writer.


What to expect?

What does Retha Groenewald write?


Dear Reader,

I created this website and blog for you.

…For you to be entertained by Christian fiction, characters, stories and other articles and posts.

…For you to join me on our journey as Christians, living a Christian life at home and at work.

…For you to be equipped and empowered through Bible teachings, Bible study Bible reading plans. To interpret God’s Word and apply these biblical principles in our lives.

…For you to laugh, cry, rejoice, praise, pray, and worship Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

Why? – For the glory of God!



Start Here

Christian Fiction


Created with a Purpose

About The Four Faces Image

 The Four Faces is a Christian fantasy novel about the purpose of life.

Human, the crown prince, and his three friends, – Ox, Lion and Eagle – were asked this question.

They didn’t know. Join them in their journey through the kingdom searching for the answer.



Gave you an Identity

COTH, the second novel (in writing phase) by Retha Groenewald, is about the City on the Hill and the woman who had no name.

Do you know who you are in Christ?

To follow COTH’s creative process, click here.


Christian Blogs


Answered by the Word 

Bible Fascination and Discover Bible Treasures are two blogs about the Bible.

Read the Gospel in chronological order at Bible Fascination.

Do you like adventures with puzzles, quizzes and quests? Discover Bible Treasures is where you join other heroes and heroines, travelling through the Bible.

Do you want to know more about the characters, unpublished material, what to read, biblical principles or other tidbits? You will find this and much more on Writing that Breathes Life Blog on this website.


Bible Teachings


Equipped with  Bible Teachings

As a Bible Teacher and avid Bible student, Retha Groenewald is creating Bible Teachings, Bible Studies, Bible Reading Plans in eBook and downloadable formats for Christians who are eager to understand the Bible better.

These modules inspire, motivate and assist you in receiving the revelation of who Jesus Christ is.


Product Development


Revealed in Future Projects

There are many books, modules, articles, and creative writing in the pipeline.

Expect to see published: the WOW Bible Study series; How To guides; the sequel to the Four Faces; and a full year Bible Curriculum downloadable at your own convenience.


Christian Freelance Services

Do you like the website and its contents? Are you looking for a Christian freelance writer for blog posts, articles, web content, e-newsletter, and other Christian writings? Hire me by contacting me through the Contact page. Not sure? A portfolio of other writings can be found on the Christian Freelance Service page.


P.S. You are invited to join this community. Actively take part – visit, linger, ponder, and comment on the pages and posts on this website and blogs.

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